Elizabeth Denton


Counsellor and Gestalt Therapist
Working in Central Queenstown and Frankton.
Mobile: 0212 882 797
Email: elizabethdentonnz@gmail.com

Persistent psychological problems are like black holes the psyche, they steal our vitality and deplete our energy.

My interests lie in psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, gestalt therapy and philosophy. I am a certified Yoga Teacher with a keen curiosity about the growing fusion between Eastern and Western approaches to well-being.  Whilst my principal modality is Gestalt Therapy, I have trained in the use of CBT and more recently have studied the contributions of neuroscience to our understanding of counselling and psychotherapy.

Existence is not so much a destiny to be discovered
but rather a life to be created.

My approach to therapy is a synthesis of these disciplines. I am inclined towards an existential view of life, which can mean many things. For me it means that I see existence not so much as a destiny to be discovered but rather a life to be created.  In creating a life we might find more than one interest to follow, and we should remember that it is likely to change more than once over our lifetime. Forging a life that is satisfying requires self-knowledge, willpower, and clear thinking.  It is a journey most of us embark on at some point in adulthood. Such journeys are challenging but they are also transformational.